How supportive are Canadians of nature-based solutions to climate change?

What are the barriers  to Canadians backing a swifter transition  to renewable energy?

Answers to questions such as these help the Canadian environmental movement develop timely, relevant and accessible communications strategies that meet their audiences where they are at. Yet many environmental groups lack access to this data and analysis, as private research can be expensive, narrowly focused, and difficult to interpret. 

EcoAnalytics fills this gap by bringing together influential NGOs and researchers to collaborate on qualitative focus groups and quantitative surveys that reveal the opinions and knowledge of Canadian audiences about the most pressing environmental questions. 

The results help environmental groups frame their messages about biodiversity and climate change in ways that seize the attention of receptive audiences and engage them in productive conversations, and positive action. 

Our mission

The purpose of the EcoAnalytics Research Initiative (EcoAnalytics) is to provide comprehensive opinion research on Canada’s environment that informs public debate, advances environmental protection, and strengthens Canada’s environmental movement.

Our vision

Our vision is of a Canada with laws, regulations and practices strong enough to protect our air, water, soil and ecosystems so that humans live in alignment with the Earth’s limited ecological carrying capacity.

Our research

Since 2016, EcoAnalytics has fielded several rounds of in-depth national surveys and focus groups on a broad range of environmental issues that reveal the relationship between knowledge and opinions, experience and attitudes, and perceptions and behaviours. 

Check out our Research page for more about our collaborative approach to research. 

Go to our Documents page and search our database for results, reports and communications guidance on the topics that matter most to you or your group

Our communication guidance

What sets EcoAnalytics apart from other market research initiatives is our process and commitment to ensuring our members and others working in the environmental movement are able to make use of the data we gather. From our collaborative survey and focus group development processes, to our webinars and newsletters summarizing results to the crafting of social media messages informed by our data, we work with our members and researchers to ensure our results can be translated into engaging, relevant and accessible communications tailored to our members’ different key audiences.

Check out our Guidance page for more information on our knowledge translation products and services.

Check out our database for guidance in our EcoA Tips newsletters and Research Nutshells.

Our Members and Associates

EcoA Members and Associate Members collaborate with a cohort of top university researchers with expertise in environmental communications. Together they design surveys and other research tools and, when the research is done, collaborate to understand how to apply the results for sharper communications and more effective engagement. We currently bring together 15 influential Canadian NGOs with five distinguished researchers (leading sociologists and political scientists from universities across Canada), supported by seven generous funders.

To learn about our Member and Associate organizations and our researchers, please check out our Who we are page.

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