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Shared intelligence for Canada’s environment

In a critical decade, when the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss are threatening humanity, EcoAnalytics advances the work of the environmental movement by providing rigorous non-partisan public opinion research and communications guidance that strengthens civic engagement, fosters stewardship and informs government policy. Find out how our intel could empower your campaigns and programs in support of climate action and nature.


Since 2016, EcoAnalytics (EcoA) has worked with university and private sector researchers to conduct three or more rounds of research per year, tailored for environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These include qualitative focus groups and quantitative national surveys exploring topics of shared interest, as well as customized research on more specific issues. And, for the benefit of the wider environmental movement, our results are now freely available, via our searchable database.

Tabulated results >

National Omnibus survey

This report summarizes the results of a survey that focused on understanding sentiments around urgency, readiness, cost of living and fairness to better frame messaging in terms that recognize Canadians’ perceptions and priorities regarding climate change and biodiversity loss.

Recent findings

Winning Combos

How do Canadians view bundles of policies to tackle environmental and other challenges?

Nutshell >

Radicals, reformers, and rejectors

This nutshell summarizes research on the public’s different theories of change about tackling climate change and opportunities to engage them based on these beliefs.


Our research provides rigorous data and analysis about Canadians’ environmental opinions and knowledge; our communication guidance helps those in the environmental movement apply these insights to their communication strategies and campaigns.